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The Courier’s Dream.

New Voltia XL Model Range

Introducing the new Voltia XL Model Range – the best tool for the last-mile delivery segment. With unprecedented cargo space and the lowest cost per m3 among eLCV's.

These fully electric vans are engineered with the purpose to provide the highest reliability and lowest cost per cubic meter. All Voltia XL vans are built on the trusted Stellantis eK0 platform that is shared across models from Opel, Vauxhall, Citroen, Peugeot, and Toyota.

11 m3

Cargo Space

1000 kg1


280 km2

WLTP Range

Select a model

VAUXHALL Vivaro-e Voltia XL

TOYOTA Proace-e Voltia XL

PEUGEOT e-Expert Voltia XL

OPEL Vivaro-e Voltia XL

CITROËN eJumpy Voltia XL

280 km of range + Easy charging

The standard model is capable of 280 km range with a 75 kWh battery. A 50 kW battery with a 200 km range is also available.

With 100 kW fast charging, the vehicle is capable of charging the battery to 80% in just about 30 minutes.
Both 7 kW and 11 kW AC charging options will deliver a full charge ​overnight. That's usually enough energy for a full working day.

Payload 800 to 1000 kg

Voltia is known for making the most cost-effective vans for last-mile delivery. With the new Stellantis platform, we are offering not only extended cargo volume, but also additional payload capacity of 800 kg and up to 1000 kg, depending on the version.

11 m3

Cargo Space

Engineered for efficient last-mile operation. More space equals ​fewer trips back to the depot, saving time and other resources. Extended cargo space and improved rear-door walk-in access mean that delivery drivers can enter and move around the cargo space freely, easily, and without any hassle.

Award-Winning Stellantis Platform

Stellantis, a group formed by the merger of PSA and FCA groups, is the maker of the best electric platform to date - the eK0 EV platform and the 2021 international van of the year. Voltia has chosen vehicles built on this platform for their high-quality attributes that are suitable for making them larger and more cost-effective.

Comfort & Safety

In all features of the van, you can expect only the first-class quality of Stellantis manufacturing standards. From the battery, state-of-the-art electric engine, suspension, recuperation system to interior equipment such as airbags, premium seats, or intuitive and user-friendly dashboard. All the comfort and safety features you’d expect from the modern solution for efficient last-mile delivery.

Inbuilt Features

  • Smartphone Mirroring Multimedia
  • Bluetooth Connection
  • Lane Assist
  • Cruise Control
  • Rear View Camera
  • Charging AC: 11kW Type 2 Onboard Charger
  • Charging DC: Rapid CCS
  • 3 Seats with Variable Passenger Seat & Extra Cargo Space
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Lower your Cost Per Delivery with Voltia

Electric utility vehicles are becoming increasingly important ​for companies that want to transform into sustainable and more efficient businesses. The new Voltia XL model offers an unprecedented cargo space for the cost of a mid-sized van.
With the lowest cost per m3 among eLCV's Voltia is the perfect choice for urban deliveries.

Our Story

Voltia has been working with companies to Switch to Electric for urban deliveries for over a decade - always providing our clients with an electric van that makes sense from both high reliability/performance and financial perspective.

After the amazing response to the launch of our first electric vans in 2013, we have been continuously improving the technology and the whole concept, extending our portfolio with the most effective electric delivery van of recent years - Nissan eNV200 XL Voltia. This van was very popular among our customers within the last-mile delivery segment, taking advantage of low operating costs, high efficiency, and great performance.  

Voltia XL models are particularly successful with couriers, parcel delivery fleets, and those requiring vans with zero tailpipe emissions with large cargo space that are more effective than diesel. We are now presenting you a new Voltia XL model - an evolution of the electric van – made even better, more cost-effective than our last Nissan model, with even more cargo space.
Our mission is to make electromobility accessible and sustainable. We help logistics and transportation professionals quickly and efficiently switch their fleets to electric vehicles, eliminating emissions, cutting costs, and increasing revenue.
At Voltia, we care about the environment and the air we breathe in our cities. Voltia Automotive is a company with a vision of a cleaner, healthier Europe that is less dependent on oil. From our perspective, the future is green.

Voltia Switch to Electric Services

A key missing piece of the puzzle is how to handle the e-LCV adoption process. Our approach is to create an ecosystem for the successful transition of fleets to electric. This includes vehicles, financing, and use of the following tools – Switches:
Feasibility Study
In-depth route analysis
EV selection, pros & cons of models
Total cost of ownership (TCO), Electric vs. Diesel comparison
Charging infrastructure optimization
Online training and EV onboarding for fleet managers and drivers
EV supply and EV financing structures
Deployment plan, presentation of results

Are you thinking about switching your fleet to electric but don't know where to start?

We'd love to help. Find out more about how you can take advantage of Voltia's ten years of experience with electromobility.
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