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VOLTIA - upsized Nissan e-NV200
VOLTIA - upsized Nissan e-NV200
VOLTIA - upsized Nissan e-NV200
VOLTIA - upsized Nissan e-NV200
VOLTIA - upsized Nissan e-NV200
VOLTIA - upsized Nissan e-NV200
VOLTIA - upsized Nissan e-NV200
Best in class all-electric urban delivery van

Cargo capacity up-to 8 m3

The VOLTIA is a conversion of proved all-electric Nissan eNV200 specifically adapted to meet the needs of today’s urban delivery companies. Thanks to its prolongation & increased height, the VOLTIA features a cargo space of 6m3 or 8m3 – virtually double of the original one, a 580 kg of payload, walk-in rear door access, over 200 km range and extensive warranty.

Compare the original Nissan e-NV200 vs. VOLTIA 8m3 conversion

Enlarged space
Zero emissions
Walk in rear door access
electric van
urban parcel delivery

The VOLTIA electric van offers a driving range of 170 - 200 km, fitted with Nissan's larger 40Kw battery - now also available to order.


2,50 m


1,20 m


1,90 m


580 kg


8 m3


Warranties & after-sales maintenance based on

The VOLTIA electric van is ideal for

Fresh food delivery:

The VOLTIA can make sure fresh food is delivered where it needs to be, and without a side of smog.

Post & parcels:

Deliver parcels and packages to your customers on time wherever they live.

Airports & Seaports:

With lots of regular short range routes, the VOLTIA is a perfect port vehicle.

Municipal services:

Carry supplies around the city with zero emissions.

Deliver Smart. Go Green
Make the Right Choice

The VOLTIA electric van

Get the VOLTIA advantage:

Zero emissions

The 100% electric van produces 0 emissions. This means it is healthy for your drivers and customers, and can be driven everywhere, even where diesel is regulated or banned. Don’t lose any business to diesel regulations, and help clean up the planet too.

Best TCO

The Voltia is comparable in price to its diesel equivalent. Plus far less downtime or maintenance needs, and you should see your investment pay of in 5 years.

8m3 cargo space

You need more cargo space to reduce trips back to save time & reduce trips to the depot. This van provides it, and is big enough for drivers to walk inside.

Drivers love it

Fast, smooth, and warm inside – your drivers will not complain, rather they will love it, as the many who already use our tool have.

The VOLTIA Advantage:

More cargo space. More goods. Happy drivers. A Road Tested solution already in
operation in 10 European countries. See for yourself.