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Converting the
Nissan e-NV200

to extend cargo
and improve
rear-door access,
the XL Voltia van is 
designed for

100% electric
Van open photo

XL Voltia features

XL Voltia is supremely comfortable and fun to drive, with full connectivity, a responsive and powerful electric engine, a smooth single-speed gearbox, and other tailored details. When the light turns green, you'll be the first to go and cozy all the way!

Specifications photo 1
Connect system

Connect system. NissanConnect is an integrated audio, navigation, and communication system that connects your smartphone to your dashboard display system to enhance your driving experience while helping minimize distractions and keep you safe.

Specifications photo 2
Mobile office

The cabin can be your mobile office, giving you the space, storage, convenience and connectivity you need.

Specifications photo 3
Single - speed gearbox

This car is rather a driving pleasure then a work tool: the electric engine provides uncompromising torque immediately & thanks to single-speed gearbox you make no gear-shifting. You can bet you will be the first passing over the crossroad after getting green on traffic-light.

Specifications photo 4
Fold down seat

Fold down the front passenger seat to make a desk so you can take care of paperwork before you head to your next job.

Walk - inAccess

Van back photo

Enhancing the Nissan’s height by 50cm increases comfort and allows for walk-in rear access. Say goodbye to back strain!

More space equals to less trips back to the depot and therefore saves time.

60:40Split rear doors

Specially designed doors open to 180°, creating a wide-open loading zone. Open one door in tight spaces without blocking passage.

Curb 180°
Street 180°
Open van photo

Cargo spaceanti-slip wooden floor

Nowadays, the delivery vehicles are used roughly and with no compromises. It worth therefore to protect the cargo space
by wooden floor which has antiskid finish for enhanced safety and comfort of the driver.

Rear view camera

Reversing camera photo 1 Reversing camera photo 2

We’ve installed the rear camera and display in the rearview mirror, so you’ll always see what’s behind you. 


Van light photo

XL Voltia supplements the Nissan’s original light with a significantly more powerful wide LED light above the rear door. It’s equipped with matte glass and tilted to avoid shining into the driver’s eyes, while generously lighting the entire cargo space.

Pattern photo

Battery performance

Averaging over 200 km on a single charge, the XL Voltia all electric van is one of the most efficient and effective delivery vehicles on the market. To ensure maximum range per charge, you can pre-heat or pre-cool the cabin without draining the battery while the van is charging. Heated seats and steering wheel mean more comfort and less demand on the energy consumption guaranteeing maximum electric van range.

Battery performance photo

Set the mode

For the most efficient use of your battery’s charge, the Nissan e-NV200 features an innovative ECO Mode. It’s activacion limits the motor’s output, cuts back on the electrical appliences, which helps improve range by up to 10%.

Brake to go further

The regenerative braking slows down the vehicle while the engine is working in generation mode and thus recharging the battery whenever you take your foot off the accelerator. Activation of B Mode enhances the effects of regenerative braking and is therefore suitable for urban rides.


Van charging photo


XL Voltia electric van reaches up to 80% charge in 40-60 minutes, thanks to the optional CHAdeMO connector. This is the fastest method available, making longer trips possible. Networks of rapid chargers are expanding all the time and a rapid DC charger can be found at most Nissan dealers and many service stations. 


Charge your car overnight with the help of the 6.6kW onboard charger and cable. A full charge can be reached in eight hours with a 32 Amp wallbox, but any compatible wallbox can be used. These wallbox charging units are widely installed in depots, and can also be installed next to your residential building.


The XL Voltia van can easily be charged with the supplied cable, which plugs directly into a regular domestic plug. This allows you to charge anywhere there is a power grid. A full charge can be reached in about 21.5 hours with the default 10 Amp cable, and a 16 Amp cable will fully charge the vehicle in 15 hours.

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