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Low operating costs

The all-electric Nissan OEM quality XL Voltia van will have minimal maintenance costs over its lifetime. Its electrical powertrain will help keep your energy costs down, allowing you to earn revenue with lower regular expenses.

Calculate your operating cost and compare with Voltia Van

What is your car you are using?


General info

Calculator offers general comparison of similar ICE and BEV vans with Voltia Van as for operating costs. Values in calculator fields are preset and based on either publicly available data from institutions such as leasing operators, insurance companies, dealerships etc. or our long term market research. Yearly insurance costs are pre-set as 4% for ICE vans and 3,0% for BEV vans, based on purchase price. All the preset values can be set or changed any time by visitor to reflect real inputs and conditions.

The calculation behind relies on data, which are different for each compared car, especially as for maintenance costs, depreciation and residual values.

Disclaimer regarding calculations

• Results have informative and tentative nature.
• Results can be different to your own calculation and comparison.
• Results do not consider possible regional differences as for values.
• Results must not be precise due to individual needs and conditions.
• Results do not consider aspects such as quantity discounts, or wholesale prices.
• Publisher provides results without any warranty.

Specific models used for comparison

ModelVersionVolume (m³)
Citroen JumperCitroen Jumper 35 L2H2 2.2HDI 130K11,5
Citroen JumpyCitroen Jumpy Van 1.6 Hdi Manual 90k6,0
Fiat DucatoFiat Ducato Light 2,3 MTJ E6 130k 33 L2H211,5
Ford TransitFord Transit Van L2H2, 2.0 TDCi EcoBlue 10510,0
Iveco DailyIveco Daily AGile l/r, 2.3 11610,8
Iveco Daily ElectricIveco Daily Electric Van 35S, Single wheel, 60 kW10,2
Mercedes eSprinterMercedes Sprinter 211 CDI 84 kW7,8
Mercedes eSprinterMercedes eSprinter, 55 kWh10,5
Mercedes VitoMercedes-Benz 111 CDI L2H26,5
Mercedes eVitoMercedes eVito6,0
Nissan eNV-200Nissan eNV-200 Acenta4,2
Opel MovanoOpel Movano 33 2.3 CDTI 130 kMT610,8
Peugeot BoxerPeugeot Boxer 333 L2H2 BlueHDI 130bhp11,5
Renault Kangoo ZE33Renault Kangoo ZE334,0
Renault MasterRenault Master L2H2P2 2.3 dCi 13010,8
Renault Master ZE L2H2Renault Master ZE L2H210,8
Renault Master ZE L3H2Renault Master ZE L3H213,0
Streetscooter WorkStreetscooter Work4,3
Streetscooter Work LStreetscooter Work L8,0
Volkswagen eCrafterVolkswagen eCrafter10,7
Volkswagen TransporterVolkswagen Transporter T32 2.0TDI 102PS6,7

What was your final purchase price?

Provide the price of the car you are using. This is the price for your car(bought new) or, what would it be to buy a new model of your same car

What is your yearly mileage?

How many kilometers you drive within one year, on average.

What is your car operation period?

How many years do you drive your vehicle for? Some people own their vehicle outright, others lease.Your lifetime maintenance costs are related to how long this period is for.

What fuel are you using?

Average fuel consumption

Select the average consumption of your current car. This is not the catalogue consumption but the real average consumption of your personal daily operations.

Yearly insurance costs

What is the total insurance you pay on your vehicle each year? (Include all forms of insurace you pay for your vehicle)

Applicable subsidies?

What is the total sum of any EV subsidies where you live or your car would be registered ?

Price for 1kWh of electricity

What is the average price for 1kWh of electricity you would be using for charging your electric car.If you could charge for free - enter zero. If you are charged for the electricity, please provide the average price for electric car charging.
XL Voltia conversion For new and previously owned vans

New XL Voltia  with conversion built in

6m³ & 8m³

from 29.899 £

Van back photo

XL Voltia

6m³ & 8m³

from 9.950 £

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