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Our vision
& mission

Cleaner& healthierEurope

Voltia is a company with an international vision of a cleaner, healthier Europe that is less dependent on oil.
In our eyes, the future is green.

That’s why we help logistics and transportation professionals quickly and efficiently convert their fleets to electric vehicles, eliminating emissions, cutting costs and raising revenue.

Every vehicle on the road plays a role in air pollution, and every driver can help cut down emissions. Our company is part of a larger, necessary societal and governmental shift toward a less polluted planet. Cleaner, greener cities are coming, and transportation has a key role to play.

That’s why we’re making electromobility accessible for everyone.

The XL Voltia electric
van is the most

Van photo

An intelligent conversion of the dependable Nissan e-NV200, the XL Voltia features best-in-class cargo capacity, zero emissions from a 100% electric engine that requires minimum maintenance and negligible operating costs.

We’ve calculated precisely how much the XL Voltia van will save you over the lifetime of your car, taking into account fuel and maintenance costs, taxes, government subsidies and other factors that make the XL Voltia van the most cost-effective, reliable vehicle for urban delivery.

See how the XL Voltia’s efficiency will
cut costs for your fleet!