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The Voltia all electric, zero emission van is a premiere urban last mile delivery vehicle. It’s also ideal for other industry segments too, as our growing list of clients in over 10 European countries shows. Fleet managers, drivers, CFOs, CEOs, and CSO/CMO’s all love it for being effective, reliable, comfortable, smooth, clean, green, and the best value for money. Here’s what they have to say.

Reference clients
Nissan UK is very pleased to see the Voltia arrive in our market, and especially as part of such an important project. Voltia Automotive recognized the strength of the Nissan base vehicle and converted it to directly serve the needs of urban light commercial deliverers.

Karl Anders
National EV and Public Sector Manager for Nissan UK
Gnewt has been delivering in London for over 8 years using all electric vans and the Voltia will be a very welcome addition to our fleet. The added cargo space will allow us to better organise each van and load more per trip, therefore making fewer visits to and from the depot each day.

Sam Clarke
Founder of Gnewt Cargo
Wir sind vor Allem durch die Voltia-Ausführung komplett zufrieded und können nichts Negatives finden” We are above all completely satisfied with the Voltia conversion, and have nothing negative to say about it.

Michael Mlynarczyk
Geschaftsfuhrender Gesselschafter MMK Frachdienste GmbH
We are very pleased that we've found in the Greenway/Voltia Group a competent and future oriented partner for the electrification of our commercial fleet.

DI Nikolaus Skarabela
Mobilitätsbeauftragter Schachinger Logistics Group
The operation of the electric vehicle we use have met our expectations. Electric vans arouse very positive feelings among our clients and the public. This is thanks to the great service and support from the Voltia team.

Mgr. Dagmar Jenčová
Head of Logistics Planning Division and Central Dispatching
We were very satisfied with Voltia/Greenway Operator. It provided full service for our fleet with easy going management and smooth run. It is truly great that we are no longer slaves to fluctuating fuel prices. Quite the opposite, Voltia/Greenway gives us fixed, flat monthly fee.

Marcel Džačovský
Fleet manager MED-ART spol. s.r.o.
We were very satisfied with the services. The vehicles turned out to be a full-fledged alternative to using diesel for delivery. Voltia/GreenWay technology contributes to the protection of environment, since we run a similar project DPD Total-Zero in which we aim to guarantee carbon-neutral transport to all DPD customers.

Ing. Peter Pavuk
Operation Director, Direct Parcel Distribution SK s.r.o
Reducing CO2 output is an official global initiative of TNT Express Group. Therefore, our branches in Slovakia and Czech Republic explore possibilities of supporting development of electric vehicles. We plan to deploy electromobiles in our depots in Prague and Brno by the end of this year and in 2015 also in Ostrava and Hradec Králové.

Milan Šmid
Depot Operations Manager, TNT Express Worldwide s.r.o

The VOLTIA electric van is ideal for

Fresh food delivery:

The Voltia can make sure fresh food is delivered where it needs to be, and without a side of smog.

For post & parcels:

Deliver parcels and packages to your customers on time wherever they live.

Airports & Seaports:

With lots of regular short range routes, the Voltia is a perfect port vehicle.

Municipal services:

Carry supplies around the city with zero emissions.

Deliver Smart. Go Green
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