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Bratislava, 20 October 2020 - Voltia, the European leader in electrified last mile delivery, in cooperation with three top European leasing companies, offers, for the first time in the history of electric vans, a leasing package with a monthly cost under EUR 550 lower than the monthly cost for diesel vans. The aim of the partnership is to bring a more compelling zero-emission offer to the market and to thereby increase the share of electric cars.

Voltia and three top European leasing providers have declared a mutual interest in developing e-mobility in the commercial vehicle segment together via financial product innovation. The idea came from Voltias market research which showed that the up-front cost (purchase price) of EVs, is still higher than that of fossil vehicles and remains a major barrier to EV uptake at the SME and fleet level. The key parameters for this segments purchasing decisions are the price (per km) and availability of good financing solutions.

Voltia aimed to accelerate and enable the transition by working with leasing companies on a dedicated e-LCV leasing product and thereby unlocking financing for the e-LCVs market. Their cooperation resulted in the offer below EUR 550 per month, including electricity and other costs. This competitive price is a result of an innovative approach to residual values, in combination with a longer lease period and low maintenance costs, reflecting the specific benefits of an EV.

E.g. Nissan e-NV200 XL Voltia can be operated for only 550 euro/month including electricity, insurance, and maintenance with slight differences depending on vehicle specifications and country subsidy. Comparable diesel van lease cost starts from EUR 300-350 per month and an additional EUR 250-300 for fuel and other costs that has to be paid to drive a 2,000 km monthly.

Juraj Ulehla, CEO of Voltia, explains: Voltia is a part of a worldwide initiative to transform the transport sector towards zero-emission modes. One of our goals was to lower thresholds to access zero emission technology. To be adopted, new technology needs to be not only cleaner and more reliable, but also cheaper than existing technology. This is especially true in the highly competitive segment of e-commerce logistics, which operates with narrow profit margins (2-5%) and is very cost sensitive and risk averse. Our goal was to make electric LCVs more affordable throughout Europe and the world with the support of our partners from leasing sector.

Generally, the longer the contract, the lower the monthly paymentof the financial part of the leasing. Based on Voltias own historical data and market studies it is evident that e-LCVs have a substantially longer lifetime and greater reliability than do ICE vehicles. The fact that e-LCVs are technologically capable of outperforming and outliving combustion cars was one of the key factors that won leasing companies over to significantly decrease the monthly lease rate compared to current pricing. It also enables them to extend vehicle leasing periods from 4 to 6 or even 8 years. At the end, this makes usage of the electric LCVs significantly cheaper than conventional diesel vehicles from the first day of use.

The high reliability can be illustrated by the example of the Voltia Van, which is a result of cooperation with Nissan. The Voltia Van adheres to the strictest automotive quality standards and car manufacturer certifications, along with the fact that the components and technology have been proven in more than 500,000 EVs. As a result, just like the e-NV200, the Voltia Van comes with same comprehensive guarantees by Nissan. The vehicle and its electric components are covered for 5 years or 100,000 km and its 40 kWh battery is covered for 8 years, or 160,000 km.

In May 2020 Voltias work was recognized by Nissan, which now includes the Voltia Van as a part of the official product portfolio, available for purchase through the dealership as the Nissan eNV200 XL Voltia.


Voltia is a European e-mobility specialist based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Launched in 2015, with the mission to help make commercial e-mobility effective and affordable, it supports OEMs by broadening the usability of their mass-market electric LCV models. Voltias approach is to add value in terms of application-specific re-design for different purposes. It provides development know-how, vehicle structure engineering, prototyping, production set-up, and sales marketing support.

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